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We ensure nothing but the best for all our Skirmish Paintball Nottingham players - and that's exactly what you're getting with V-Force goggles. Boasting the best anti-fog capabilities on the market and full face and forehead protection - you won't have to worry about your vision being compromised! Unless you get a face-full of paint, of course!


We offer top of the range equipment here at Skirmish Paintball Nottingham and this definitely applies to our armoury. We use the excellent Empire ER3 paintball gun which boasts a 6 shot per second capacity and with a direct vertical feed you won't have to worry about your gun jamming just as you're about to deliver that game winning shot!


Concealing oneself is often key to success in many of our paintballing Game Zones and we will help you to achieve this with our Skirmish camouflage overalls. Newly designed, they boast a built in vented and padded head guard, plus pot holders so you need never run out of paintballs during your game! Blending perfectly with forest and open field terrains, you can be as sneaky as you like prior to delivering a payload of paint to an unsuspecting adversary! With sizes to suit all shapes, our camouflage overalls will be covered with war-paint come the day's end.


When you're pinned down and looking for an escape route, many a savvy paintballer will turn to the smoke bombs. Lob one of these out onto the battlefield and make a dash for it whilst the other players are disorientated by the smoke. A fantastic addition to any paintball armoury. (18+ and site use only).


Give your hands a bit of extra protection with our excellent paintball gloves. Keep those trigger fingers in good working order - and perfect for those colder days too!


If you're after a bit of extra protection from the paintballs cascading across the battlefield, then our top of the range body armour will definitely do the trick. You will barely feel a thing with this meaty piece of equipment protecting you! Free hire for all our female participants.


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