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Introducing the BT Omega.

Enter the battle field and look the part with this amazing paintball gun upgrade, exclusive to our paintball venue.

The rugged aluminum body will withstand heavy duty combat situations and provides increased performance and durability.

The Omega's permanent, fixed sight rail provides you a continuous lock on your opponents, thereby giving you the confidence needed to take them out of the game. Grab your gear, lock and load and hit the field running with the Omega today!

The ultimate battle upgrade

We've put together the ultimate in war armoury. We've taken our latest gun, the BT Delta, and paired it with our hi-tech motorised hoppers. Never get in a jam again!

Take advantage of this fantastic, unmissable offer of just £ 15!

Give yourself the edge.

The last thing you want in the middle of an insane and intense fire-fight is to not be able to see the enemy. Our double-glazed Dye Switch goggles are built to reduce lens fogging.

They're also pretty damn comfortable due to the soft foam. This also helps make them a much better fit. Give yourself the edge today with our low-profile camo goggles, and witness the battle in all it's glory.

Are you ready for warfare?

We've only gone and done it again! We've put together another unmissable and, quite frankly, breathtaking package together.

Upgrade today and you'll get our battle vest, 4 paintball pods, 200 paintballs, a thunderflash and a smoke grenade. Utterly bonkers! But don't miss out on the day and pre order for just £20!

Smoke out the enemy.

You're crawling through the undergrowth, or about the breach the castle door and you need to cover your tracks. You could just try and dodge the shots or with an expert aim you could take out the enemy.

Or you could set up a smoke trap using one of our powerful smoke bombs and simple destroy your enemy from the cover of coloured smoke.

Your call.


Lead with a bang.

You're pinned down, paintballs flying over head and you have a hand full of the enemy in the distance bearing down on you. But you can only shoot one at a time. You need a distraction, something that gives you those valuable extra seconds

Producing a loud bang and flash of smoke, these powerful pyrotechnics are an excellent way of startling, distracting and generally scaring the enemy whilst you adjust yourself and prepare for the battle of your life.



Affordable and stylish protection

Before we start telling you all about this stylish mask, we just want to say that you get a paintball mask as standard. We take safety seriously at Skirmish.

Now for the fun bit.

This would be a fantastic addition to any paintball armoury. This full-face mask offers great protection at a great price and is ideal for a regular paintball player.



Don't get caught with out paintballs.
Buy 500 for just 35 quid. .

Pinned down, in the village and you're on your own. You're about to go Rambo and your enemy and fire your way to victory in a blaze of glory. You gently squeeze the trigger and... nothing. No paintballs left in your hopper. Now, you're just a sitting duck in overalls.

We offer a range of great deals, with prices starting out at just 7 quid per 100 paintballs, getting cheaper the more you buy.

Don't be a human target.


You have the gun. Now have the hopper.

A paintball hopper is the plastic container which holds your paintballs and feeds them into the gun. Standard hoppers are gravity feed and are only as fast as the time it takes for he ball to drop into the gun.

In the heat of the battle, this could seem like a lifetime and might be the difference between being victorious or being shot out.


This is where this upgrade comes in.

Introducing our motorised hoppers. Each paintball is fed, using a motor, in the paintball gun and gives your more paintballs at a faster rate, just when you need it.

Seconds seem like a lifetime in paintball and you don't want to wait while you're getting shot at.



You'll need somewhere to stash those extra paintballs.

Hire out a paintball pot for a full day and you'll never be short of paintballs if your hopper runs out. You don't want to run out of paintballs when you're careering through the forest having just robbed the flag from your enemy, do you?

Don't forget that your £1 is refundable upon the safe return of our pots.


Keep your gear safe while you're taking on the world.

We have an impeccible record on site when it comes to looking after peoples possesions. However, why not hire out a locker for just £5 for that extra peace of mind?

Don't worry, that money is refundable!

You don't want any distractions when you're plotting your next move, do you?



Look the business and commemorate your day with us.

Straight from the printers, these fantastic range of Skirmish Paintball t-shirts and hoodies have been specially designed to ensure you don't forget your day with us!

Our t-shirts cost as little as £9 and come in two different styles; One is a plain black t-shirt with the famous words "I'll be back" on. The second is a white polo with a great graphic of a moose on with the words "No Hunting"



Be easily identifiable AND look great at the same time.

Dog tags are a requirement in the US military and why shouldn't it be the same on your battlefield?

These Skirmish dog tags are only available at our venue and are a great, fashionable way of remembering you're battle at Skirmish Paintball Games.

Don't miss out!



Never forget your day with a Skirmish wristband.

Our Skirmish Paintball wristbands are a great way of of never forgetting your day with us and they look great too!

Match them with our Skirmish dog tags and you'll certainly stand out from the crowd while wearing the height of fashion.

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