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Arnheim Bridge

About The Arena

Perfect for any WWII enthusiasts out there, our Arnheim Bridge paintball Game Zone has to be seen to be believed. A faithful recreation of the bridge which witnessed the Battle of Market Garden in Holland during the Second World War, this phenomenal Game Zone is amongst the most popular Skirmish Paintball game arenas - and when you've played it, you'll understand exactly why!

The key to success in Paintball is moving fast, keeping your head down, and most important of all; Teamwork! This fantastic arena will test your skills as a lone wolf, and as a team. The Arnheim Bridge arena is a perfect mix of natural and man made Paintballing structures, set up in the perfect layout for the battle to be evenly matched on both sides.

About The Venue

Skirmish Paintball has 27 venues all over the UK, and Nottingham is one of the best. Paintball is a sport that requires teamwork, and tactics to accomplish tasks and objectives set for each individual battle. Multiple games are played throughout your day at Skirmish Nottingham, that will see you fighting your way across a mixture of man-made and natural battle fields, including structures, trenches and barricades.

Skirmish Paintball Nottingham have really rasied the bar with this venue. Expert paintballers have had a direct input on the design and style of every game arena on the premises, making sure to create interesting, and fun game zones, all while making them fair and even for both sides. Nottingham Paintballing has never been better! Check out the videos and images of this arena below, and for more information, contact us to discuss playing paintball at Skirmish Nottingham!

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