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Berlin Wall

About The Arena

Instead of providing an East/West divide between a nation, our cracking Berlin Wall Game Zone will facilitate some epic battles between two paintballing adversaries - all played out on the backdrop of the recognisable lay-out of the Berlin Wall. The paintballs will be flying thick and fast and only the strong will survive this Game Zone - and this arena just goes to show that Skirmish Paintball goes the extra mile with our battlefields!

The Berlin Wall is is made up of structures and trees in close proximity, aswell as ground foliage and wooden log barricades to provide an exciting battlezone with lots of cover. Often appealing to the stealthier players who like a chance to sneak up on their enemy, this is a favourite among our regular players who like to take their time, and snipe from a distance, or sneak up close undetected.

About The Venue

Skirmish Paintball is a nationwide Paintball venue provider, and has 27 amazing venues all over the UK, and Nottingham is easily one of the best! Paintball is an exhilarating sport that requires teamwork, and tactics to accomplish tasks and objectives set for each individual battle throughout the day. Multiple games are played throughout your day at Skirmish Nottingham, that will see you fighting your way across a mixture of man-made and natural battle fields, including structures, trenches and barricades.

Skirmish Paintball Nottingham have really rasied the bar with this venue. Expert staff, and fellow paintballers have had a direct input on the design and style of every game arena on the premises, making sure to create interesting, and fun game zones, all while making them fair and even for both sides. Nottingham Paintballing has never been better! Check out the videos and images of this arena below, and for more information, contact us to discuss playing paintball at Skirmish Nottingham!

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