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Improving Your Paintballing Aim

Fri, 16 Apr 2010

There are few feelings which can come close to the exhilaration of delivering a payload of paint upon an unsuspecting foe out on the paintballing battlegrounds of Skirmish. Obviously, like any sport, paintball takes practice to become good but there are a few handy hints which can help you on your way when it comes to learning how best to direct your paintballs.

There are a number of different areas which savvy paintballers tend to aim when it comes to pulling the trigger and these typically include:

  • The Head - It goes without saying that any paintballer worth their salt will get at least a couple of head shots in during any paintballing skirmish. Obviously, head shots should only be endeavoured from a distance and not close up and many paintball venues may have a policy about head shots in place.
  • Body Shots - This is the most obvious place to aim for when paintballing as it provides the largest surface area to hit. Whether it's the chest, arms or back that you're aiming at, try to ensure that you hit a fairly central part of the body because most paintballers wear baggy clothing which may stop the paintballing exploding if it doesn't get a clean hit on a hard surface.

Skirmish Paintball Nottingham offers the Midland's premier battleground for eager paintballers and we are delighted to offer so many fantastic packages - from Stag Party events right through to our exceptionally entertaining Kids Zone Paintballing days.

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